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The Motoscope Mini: a highly compact digital instrument designed for motorbikes, with an utterly unique LED display. 251 ultra bright LEDs create a display that's virtually rimless and extremely easy to read - whatever the weather. It's the innovative technology of Motogadget that combines to minimise the casing and maximise the display surface.

Simple yet elegant in its design, the Motoscope Mini looks great on any bike. Mount exposed to reinforce your style, or install discreetly for a clean, minimal look. The Mini is entirely adaptable.

High quality machined from solid billet aluminium, with a mirror polished (or black anodized) surface. The electronics come completely moulded in, protecting them from weather, water, dust and vibrations.

Features and display
The innovative, ultra bright 251-LED dot matrix shows the engine speed in a scalable horizontal bargraph - and all other features as easily readable numeric values. With the push of a button, you can switch the engine speed to rpm as well.

The LED display responds to the light conditions for optimum readability, whatever the time of day - or night. You can programme your own engine speed settings to show a maximum speed (red zone) or a gear shift light, with the LEDs pulsating together. The Motoscope Mini not only displays numeric values from left to right - but also top to bottom. This means you can also choose to mount it vertically.

You can toggle through the information on the LED display by operating the menu push button or the headlight flasher push button on the handle bar. By default, the display shows the speed value, but if you need to you can change the way it's displayed - and even switch between the speed value and your own chosen value after a set time. Default settings or recorded values are of course stored, even ith the power supply switched off.

Due to its compact dimensions, the motoscope mini is easily mounted just about anywhere on any vehicle. Single mount on your triple clamp or right onto the handle bar, embedded into already present instrument panels, into the tank or FBE - this instrument is applicable anywhere.

We offer universal mounts as well as brand specific solutions e.g. for Buell (TM) or Harley-Davidson (TM). Please get in touch to Ref. mountings.

Connection and sensors
Hassle-free wiring and detailed installation and operating instructions enables even those with no experience with the vehicle's electrical system to connect this instrument. The supplied speedometer sensor in stainless steel is very small (M5/25 mm). The 1.5 m connector cable easily connects it to the front or back wheel. This allows for easy conversions of originally mechanical speedometer drives.

The Motoscope Mini is compatible with various original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors) used by motorbike manufacturers. In these cases, only the terminals have to be connected, while the installation of mechanical sensors will be completely obsolete. An intelligent 'teaching' function provides for easy speedometer calibration - even for vehicles with sensors at the gear box.


SKU: 930173
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